Frequently Asked Questions

Unlike many of the larger pricing engines, there are no contracts for individual logins. A single loan officer can sign up for an account and pay for the time periods that they want to use the engine. You may register a login for a low set up fee. That fee will include setting up the companies you are approved to price with and the initial creation of your account. After that, you can pay for time periods from a month up to a year. Your account will not go inactive for up to a year after you are registered. You will have access to all of your saved scenarios. And when you are ready to begin pricing again you can pay for the time period that best serves your needs. Additionally, there are packages for multiple users that do require an initial contract period. The substantial discount and greater setup time require the 'multiple user' packages an initial commitment to its setup.

Absolutely not. You can sign up for an account, use it for a month, let the subscription expire, and pay again at any time up to a year later to keep your account active. Our philosophy at is that you should use this tool when you need it, and not be charged when you don't. We will never do a recurring charge to a card, and force you to go through hoops to cancel your subscription billing. You simply can pay when you want to use it, and let it expire when you don't need it, without losing your initial account setup. (** Account will expire after one year of unpaid inactivity.)

While has the ability to price any state, we are just beginning, and our pricing is much more accurate for California, Nevada, Texas, Washington and Oregon. We currently don't have the manpower to monitor pricing in every state at this time. We are growing, and as our subscription base increases, we will be able to offer more and more coverage. However, that being said, no competitor can claim 100% accuracy. Our pricing is very accurate. We strive to keep the guidelines and adjustments up to date, but with the rapid changes in the market, we can't always guarantee that our engine will be correct. Also, there is limited information that the engine uses to price out a loan. The engine does not underwrite a loan, it is to be used as an easy way to comparatively price loans between lenders. For that reason you should remember that this is a tool to help you find and price out the best lender. Always double check the lender ratesheet and guidelines before quoting your rates to a borrower.

Our front page has the most up to date information on the number of lenders that we are pricing in our engine. We are striving to price out more lenders than our competitors and at a reduced price. We will continue to add lenders, and there is no charge to our subscribers to request additional lenders. We will add them as quickly as we can, however, larger lenders with more requests will get higher priority.

VESTA is the name of the actual pricing engine. Bryan, the creator of VESTA, developed it for the ease of the loan officers at the mortgage company Priority Financial Network. He named his initial engine VESTA. After making significant improvements, and adding many lenders, he created a separate website for the mortgage professional. This website was named 'The Mortgage Pricer', and was born.